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A Broadway Lover's Essential Book Shelf (Our Town, Westside Spirit)
Co-Working Gets Artsy  (Chelsea News, Our Town Downtown)
Facilitating Thought & Talk: Emmett Till, Sheen Center, Black History Month (Chelsea News)
The Jazz Church (Our Town)
Somebody Else's Great Idea (Silurian News)
Mass Marketing Hatred - Anti-Semitism (West Side Spirit & Our Town)
Color and the Great White Way - Whiteness Still an Issue (Op-Ed, amNew York)
To Vote or Not to Vote - Castillo Theater (West Side Spirit)
Stepping Out of the Shadows - Theater Publicity Pro (Westside Spirit)
Baseball and Broadway (Silurian News)
A Gallery Grows in Harlem - Upside to Death (Our Town)
The Man Behind the Image - Poster Artist Frank (Fraver) Verlizzo (Our Town)
Fifth-Grader Draws From History (West Side Spirit)
Fiddler Turns 50, Still In Tune - Sheldon Harnick (4 Straus Media Newspapers, Our Town) 
Pedaling Backward on Bad Cyclists (Op-Ed, New York Daily News)
Four Letter Word For Convenience? Clue: It's Not 'Toll' - Outrageous Fees (Op-Ed, amNew York)
Crossing Racial Boundaries - Renée Watson (The Portland Observer)
Culture In New York - (Opinion - The New York Times)
Metropolitan Diary - (The New York Times)